How to make a paper plate clock 22

Whether you are teaching your children to tell the time or just want a great craft activity, a paper plate clock is an excellent way to get talking about time as you make one.  Both my boys have watches and use them too.

paper plate clock

What you need:

    1. Paper Plates
    2. Split Pins which are sometimes called Paper Fasteners
    3. Pen’s or crayons
    4. Card
    5. Paper numbers (for younger children)
    6. Scissors

How to make 

  1. Cut out the hands from contrasting card, making one longer than the other for the minute hand.
  2. Place the numbers round the clock, this is easier if you to the 12, 3, 6 and 9 first.
  3. Make a small whole in the center of the plate for the hands and use the split pin to secure

Variations – You can use two paper plates like we did to make lift up flats and put the minutes underneath.  Alternatively you can add them to the outer rim of the paper plate and colour the minutes past one colour and the minutes too another colour.


Free clock printable from Mini Eco.  If you don’t even feel like making your own clock, then you can print off one of Kate’s free printable here.


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