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We love pom poms.  They are fantastic for using up scraps of yarn and making them is great fine motor skills for the boys.  With 2015 being the Chinese year of the Sheep and the new Shaun the sheep movie die out anytime, we decided to try our hands at making pompom sheep.

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How to make a pompom sheep

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How to make a pompom sheep

The boys decided that there sheep were to be white.  At nine and eight they are both at the age where things have to look life like!

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Using our pompom makers (we used a Clover pom pom maker) we wrapped our wool and created our sheeps body and heads.  We made a variety of sizes of pom pom for them.  You dont have to use a pompom maker, you can make pompoms the old fashioned way using a cardboard donut, a strip of card or even using a fork.  Making pompoms is a great fine motor activity and perfect for quiet time.

Pompom sheep 1

Using the craft foam we made our sheeps heads.  The boys free hand drew on to them, but you can find plenty of templates online if that is easier for your child.

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We like using Bostik Extra Strength Sticki Dots with craft projects like these are they are an immediate fix and you do not have to wait for the glue to dry.  If you child is little you can stick the glue dots to one side of the craft material for them to stick to the other.

Pompom sheep 2

We used the Bostik Extra Strength Sticki Dots to stick on the googly eyes and the head to the pompom.

Our sheeps legs are made from two black pipe cleaners.  We folded the pipe cleaner in half and twisted them together before gently threading them through the pompom (don’t worry if some of the wool comes out your sheep will still be OK)!

pompom sheep 5

Once the pipe cleaners are pushed through fold the ends to make feet for your sheep to stand on.

Pompom sheep 3

We have previously made pompom bunnies and pompom chicks.

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