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Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary is a paid collaboration with Vaulia. One of the things that has always been important to me, more so since having children is making our bedroom a sanctuary.  I don’t hide the fact that I suffer from insomnia and that it has become so much worse since having children.  However, there are a few simple rules that can turn a bedroom into a haven and mine is my go-to place when I want some peace and tranquillity. Yes, my bedroom is a sanctuary for me and using these simple tips you can make your bedroom a sanctuary too.

10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

Our bedrooms are the last thing we see at night and the first thing we wake up to each morning. Not to mention we spend about a third of our lives sleeping in them. So it makes sense that we want our bedroom to be somewhere we want to be and find a real sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As a mum to a teen and tween, sometimes I just need to take myself off for some peace and quite and I want my bedroom to be an oasis for myslef.  So if you are frustrated with your sleep space then here are 10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary.

10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

Set clear rules with your children.

We have never had any issue with the boys’ co-sleeping. It is one of the reasons that we have a super king sized bed, but I have never allowed toys in our bedroom.  We allowed one book but that is it.  We have a no-tech in bedroom rule which has always applied to the children even when they were tiny and we would have killed for some more sleep.  My bedroom (well, our bedroom) is my private space and if I ask the boys to leave it then they always will.

Elegant fancy white bedroom with double bed

Opt for neutrals

Buy keeping the main areas of your room neutral including the walls, curtains and duvet cover sets will make the room more calming and restful. Then you can add pops of colour with throws and cushions which are much less expensive and easier to change.

Keep it Organised

This is a big one for me. I have learned over the years that a messy room equals a messy mind and that is doubled when it comes to our bedroom.  I try really hard to keep the clutter to a minimum as keeping my bedroom clear of distractions helps me clear my mind at the end of a long day.  Plus I always have a notebook by the bed to write any errant thoughts in.

Lighting is key

We have blackout out blinds and also lined curtains on our windows, as I am one of those people that like total darkness when they sleep.  I also use black electricians tape over anything with a light that doesn’t go out! This is why I LOVE my Lumie Bodyclock as it has a fully dimmable clock.  The husbeast also have an adjustable light on his bedside cabinet as he gets up much earlier than me and this ensures that his light doesn’t wake me.

Lovely sleeping family in bed

It is ALL about the bed

Well, it is for us. Finding the right bed, mattress and pillow transformed our sleep. It relieved MadDads back pain completely and neither of us realised how accepting we had become of our uncomfortable mattress. We also have a super king sized bed and that works for us, but we have a no pets in the bed rule.  However, if you need to kick the kids out or even have separate beds for a good nights sleep then do what works for you.


I am a big fan of using aromatherapy to help create a sleep inducive atmosphere.  Scientific studies have proven some scents, such as lavender, roman chamomile and jasmine, have a calming and relaxing effect. However, choose any scent that you love and that has you looking forward to spending time in your bedroom. If you are lighting candles then please be careful not to fall asleep with it lit (an aromatherapy diffuser is a great alternative for bedrooms and my Lumie Bodyclock comes with one).  Mini and I are big fans of pillow sprays and Mini also uses a calming handcream.

Consider two duvets

Did you know that in Scandinavian countries it is common to have two duvets on the bed? Ikea has done some great research on it.  With 50%  of people who share a bed losing out on the battle of the bedsheets by having covers stolen or being too hot or cold so their partner remains the perfect temperature.  I love the idea of each being in control of your own duvet, being able to control the tog strength and no more tugging it to your side during the night.

Create somewhere to read
Reading is a great way to calm your mind and encourage sleep.  I find that having additional pillows on hand to get comfortable when reading works for me. But you could also consider a reading nook or chair. Just make sure not to use the chair as a laundry hamper.
Try Feng Shui
In traditional Feng Shui, your bed should face the door of the room so you have a view of the entrance, as it will subconsciously make you feel safer and more in control as you sleep.   Good practice also suggests having good access to the bed from both sides and two bedside tables (one at each side).   Feng Shui talks of keeping all the good energy in your bedroom by keeping all the doors closed at night including the wardrobe and en-suite.
Think of the temperature 
Hot, cold and draughty rooms can seriously impact on your sleep. Your body heat peaks in the evening and then drops to its lowest levels when you’re asleep, so a cool 16-18°C (60-65°F) is thought to be an ideal temperature in a bedroom. Temperatures over 24°C (71°F) are likely to cause restlessness, while a cold room of about 12°C (53°F) will make it difficult to drop off.  Think of your bedroom as a cave. It should be quiet, dark and cool for the best chance of being restful.
10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

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  • Mandi

    My husband uses our bedroom as a sanctuary quite often, he says its the only place he gets peace and quiet! Some great tips, we have just invested in a Super Kingsize bed and I love it, although I do get the duvet stolen quite often usually by one of the littles who sneak in during the night, so I may think about separate ones!

  • Katy

    This is so important – we put our room on hold when our twins arrived and it was a big mistake. It’s now top of my to do list.

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