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Making the most of the magic

One of the highlights of having children is getting to re-live the excitement of Christmas. That magic and mystery that gets lost somewhere around the dawn of our teenage years is suddenly back and it’s so much fun to experience it again, this time as a parent. It feels imperative to make the most of it while it lasts, as with all the fleeting joys of childhood. What would Christmas be without the wonder of it all? With so many fond memories of our own Christmases back in the days of innocence when we believed in Father Christmas and his team of loyal elves working away in the North Pole, there’s a real sense of responsibility when it comes to this truly unique time of year. Here are some ways to make sure you’re maximising the magic for your little ones:

father christmas and the boys

Let them take in all the sights and smells

The Christmas atmosphere is created with a mixture of all the senses. Wrap up warm and take your children to see some Christmas lights, bake some cookies and fill the house with the sweet festive scent of gingerbread and go to some carol services. Don’t miss out on all the activities designed to get families together and in the festive spirit.

father christmas letter

Write wish lists to Santa

The concept of Father Christmas is by far the most exciting for kids. Help them keep the faith by sitting them down to write their wish list, addressed to Santa in the North Pole. Don’t let them see you taking a peak, instead provide an envelope and guarantee you’ll get it posted as soon as possible. But before you do, make sure you enter them into this Letters to Santa competition and you could win a brand new bike, skateboard or scooter just in time for the big day!

…And go to town in creating his realistic visit

Really bring the story to life by leaving evidence of his presence for the children to discover on Christmas morning. Don’t forget to leave a snack and a tipple for the big man, maybe a carrot for Rudolph, with an authentic bite taken out of it by morning. A subtle sprinkling of crumbs on the presents, by the door also works well. Try placing tufts of red felt anywhere he may have bumped into whilst he deposited his gifts and scan the room for rugs and decorations that can be left purposefully askew. Perhaps get the magic flowing on Christmas Eve by leaving a gift, such as a new set of PJ’s; with an accompanying note saying ‘put this on and I’ll be stopping by while you are fast asleep’. This is also a great way to speed up the process of getting your children into bed!


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