Making the most out of a small space 14

Having children in your home can make it appear smaller than it is anyway with the clutter of toys everywhere, but even if you live in a small studio apartment for example, here are a few hints and tips on how to embrace the space you have and utilise it to the best of its ability.


The foundation of your home interior is the basic layout and design, if you can keep a minimalist feel to your flat then you can achieve a sense of spaciousness, even look at the old practice of Feng Shui and apply this to your layout, by creating a minimalistic feel, it should help your mind relax due to the lack of clutter and simplicity of your surroundings.

Lighting is a great way to enhance the perspective of the space within a room. Lighting in terms of the colours you use to decorate can make a huge difference, as by using bright colours which absorb light making it feel more airy than a room filled with darker furniture. In terms of electric lighting you can opt to ditch the ceiling light and place a few smaller lamps around the room, this way the light isn’t all coming from one source, therefore spreading light around the room.

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Storage can make a massive difference to your homes interior. By being able to store most of your items away, they are out of sight and therefore out of mind, keeping items stored away correctly can reduce stress when it comes to tidying or even trying to find things you’ve misplaced around the home. An excellent way to save on space is to get integrated furniture and storage such as a Divan Bed, allowing you to keep items hidden away in the bed’s base.

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Another technique to enhance your space is to use separate rugs around one room, this gives the appearance of more than one space within one small space. Use a variety of colours and patterns to create borders around these “areas” of your room, or even use several shades of the same colour to create breaks, you can also apply this technique to painting your walls.

There are many different techniques and tips to maximise your room space, it is all about finding the best way which suits your personal style. Above are just a few small ideas but there is a great deal of advice online about how to make a small room feel larger.