Marriage, mostly under rated I fear

These are the flowers from my wedding bouquet, which we had made in to paperweights for me, mum, MIL and my Great Aunt
I believe in the sanctity of marriage.  I believe in my vows all of them, yes even the obey.  I married MadDad 15 years ago next month and it was the best day of my life.  I believe that there is a reason to marry, that children are best when born within wedlock and also raised within a happy family.
I believe that you must work hard at your marriage and that in principal a marriage is “death do us part”.  I married MadDad with no intention of divorce and I feel even stronger about this now I have children.  I have high standards and hold MadDad to the same standards, but then he is the same with me.  I expect faithfulness in body, soul and mind.  I will not tolerate any infidelity even in thought and neither would he.
Before we married we sat down and discussed our hope and fears for our lives and we decided that we would always try and resolve any issues we may have.  To never sleep on an argument and to always attempt to see the other side.
It hasn’t and isn’t always plain sailing, but we will both bend as much as we can and will work at resolving any issues that may arise.
So yes I am a traditionalist, I am old fashions, but I am not ashamed to hold my views, they may not be as common place today as they were 50 years ago, but that doesn’t mean that they should be dismissed.  I wear them on my sleeve, no actually I wear them on my third finger left hand.
So I have a toast to all you married couples out there:
May your marriage be modern enough to survive the times,
but may it be old fashioned enough to last forever.
This was wrote for this weeks writing workshop at Sleep is for the week, tell me about a side to yourself that makes you feel a little old fashioned.