Master Mad the Bakers Boy 5

I love baking and cooking with the MiniMads, well I love doing anything with them to tell the truth.  Normally we would bake and made from scratch, but as I am recovering from my latest surgery, I thought me and MiniMad would cheat a bit and use a packet mix to make some cakes.
I had picked up a packet of Green’s cake mix for this purpose last time we were in Aldi and it had been reduced to 49p even better.
MiniMad had great fun doing all the work himself, whilst MaxiMad was at Swimming Lesson.  He put his cases in the tin.

He added the egg and water himself and then did the mixing, whist I watched.
He scooped the mix in to the cases
He scooped the remaining mixture into his mouth, then I popped the cakes in to a preheated oven.
He then had fun decorating them and more fun eating them with MAxiMad when he got in.  As you can tell MiniMad is a very hands on little man, he likes to do things himself regardless of whether or not he has done it before, so this was a really great way of him doing the majority of the work and was great fun for me.
So yes I am taking things easy, but I am still doing things within limits with the boys and having great fun.
We are off to My Bro and SIL’s club tonight for the Children’s Fireworks Part and I for one can not wait.  Happy and safe Guy Fawkes night everyone