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May all your dreams be sweet dreams or 8 ways to help prevent nightmares

 Sleep issues, we have had them all as most of your are aware.  We are also no stranger to nightmares and anxiety at bedtime or during the night.  Most of these things can be helped with some proactive thinking.  Many children around five to nine get nightmares due to becoming aware of the scary things in the wide world.  My friend was worried her little one might start to have nightmares when he moved in to his big boys childs bed, which was provided by Time 4 Sleep.  So we compiled the ideas we for preventing nightmares in kids that we came up with below:


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Preventing nightmares in kids


  1. We are fans of guatemalan worry dolls and both boys have a set, but I have to say I love this larger home crafted set of worry dolls from Actually Mummy.  I love the fact that you can use the crafting time to discuss anything that might be worrying or scaring your child.
  2. Make a dreamcatcher together to hang over the bed.  it doesn’t have to be crafting perfection, but you can discuss how the native American Indians thought they worked as you make it together.
  3. Fill a spray bottle with water scented with a couple drops of lavender extract (“monster spray” or “nightmare repellent”) and let your child banish scary dreams by spritzing a little around their room before bed.
  4. Routine, it goes without saying try to avoid any books or TV that might be scary.  Try an upbeat story or song before bedtime and give your child a nightlight
  5. Encourage good or positive thoughts.  We wright down three things we are grateful for that day before bed, but it could be something as simple as discussing a good thing that happened that day.
  6. Music can help.  We have a CD of music that I play at a low volume that helps Mini get off to sleep.  Maxi always prefered an audio book.   If all else fails there are some great downloads from Relax Kids available.
  7. Introduce a sleeping partner, no not you, but a teddy or doll.  Maxi was never ones for soft toys, but found one really comforting when he started having bad dreams.
  8. Find something that works for you.  Why not change the name of moisturizing cream to happy dream cream or place a special memory stone or semi precious stone under a pillow to radiate happy dreams.

happy bed

A very happy little boy in his new Shaker childrens bed pretending to be asleep!  We were really impressed with the service received from Time 4 Sleep, from the information on their website being great and comprehensive (including sizes) to the ease of order and the delivery service was second to none.  The bed was really well packaged and they rang to arrange delivery and even better turned up on time!

It was easy to put up (in fact it only took one person and feels really sturdy and good quality.

And the best thing, he had a full nights sleep in his new bed, with no nightmares and no getting up, so it must be really comfortable.

8 ways to help prevent nightmares

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