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Melted wax poppy craft, a remembrance day activity

Here’s an easy poppy craft, which is a great Remembrance Day activity for children. We have made a display of poppies and a paper plate poppy wreath, but you can use the same technique to make a poppy brooch by added a pin on the rear or a display of poppies for your home, church or school.  The mini mad’s will be taking the poppies to my mum’s grave in remembrance of her. These poppies were inspired by the fab wax paper flowers at Homegrown Friends.

Melted crayon wax poppies

How to make melted wax poppies with KidsMaterials:

  1. Wax paper
  2. Crayon shaving or small chippings in red, pink, yellow and purple
  3. black buttons
  4. Green pipe cleaners
  5. Small whole punch
Melted wax flowers

Firstly the boys chopped up some used crayons into small chunks.  If your children are younger then you can use a pencil sharpener to produce shavings.

poppy template

We then placed the crayon wax between two sheets of wax paper and ironed it on a low setting.  For younger children a hairdryer will melt the wax between the sheets.

Allow the wax to set again and it will become stiff like card. Maxi drew a poppy template on the computer which we printed on card to create a template, but you could free ant cut a circle if you wished.

Poppy craft with pipe cleaners

Once we had cut out all the poppies we made a small hole in the center before feeding through a pipe cleaner and then securing it by threading it though a button and back on itself through the second button hole and back through the punched hole in the poppy.

Poppy wreath Remembrance Day craft for kids

melted wax poppy wreath

We also wanted to make a paper plate wreath with our poppies and we could have done this with by using the pipe cleaners to secure the poppies through a whole in a circle of card of a paper plate, however, using split pins is much easier.

Additional materials

  1. Black permanent marker
  2. Brass paper split pins
  3. Paper plate

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We cut the center out of our paper plate to make the circle for the wreath, but you could just cut a circle out of card.

The we coloured in the brass heads of the split pins with a sharpie permanent marker in black to make the center of the poppy.

paper plate poppy wreath

We then placed the split pin through the center of the poppy before pushing it through the plate.

We also have a great roundup of poppy activities for Remembrance Day from last year too.

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