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Melting Snowmen cookies – cooking with kids

Are you in the festive mood yet?  We certainly are and these delicious melting snowmen cookies are going to become a festive family favorite here in The Mad House.  They were super fun to make and are great for cooking with kids.

Melting Snowmen cookies

These melting snowmen cookies are perfect for cooking as a family.  The cookies themselves are a deliciously crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside and once you add the icing and marshmallows they turn into delightful melting snowmen.  You can find our full tutorial for melting snowmen cookies on the Flora website.

Melting Snowmen cookies

I love this recipe as it is an all in one mixture, so perfect for younger children and no mixer is needed.  Also when it comes to decorating the snowmen look great no matter how messy you are when you make them. They are melting!

When was the last time you baked with the kids?

Melting Snowmen cookies

Disclosure: I was commissioned to create this bake for the Flora website and to share it with you here

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