Memory Stones 18

You do not have to just write in books.  When I saw this idea of Memory Stones on Pinterest, I knew that I could adjust it so that it worked for the boys for their writing and it has been a brilliant way to record what we have done so far over the summer.


 As part of the summer of writing, we are going to use the stones we collect to record fab times and memories we make over the summer holidays and the boys started this weekend.  Making a stone each for Sunderland Airshow.

We wote the event and date on one side and then they boys drew an image to represent the time on the other.  This is Maxi’s airplane.  We used  Glotto Metallic Pens, which we received from YellowMoon.  They are brilliant on the stones and really stand out.  We are keeping our stones in a kilner jar, one for each of the boys and I hope to have two full jars at the end of the holidays, so I can varnish them and place them in the garden.

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