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Menu Planning and Frugal Food Part One

One thing that has come out of our lack of cash is my ability to feed us all well on less and less cash.  The two things that has enabled this to happen has been our menu planning and our garden.

I thought I would give you an example of a weeks menu plan and how I feed us all. I do a main shop on a Thursday and base my weeks menu plan round our Sunday Dinner (chicken, Mince, Beef, or Ham).  This week it will be chicken.


Fish, oven chips and mussy peas.  I make sure I buy frozen cod or haddock fillets when they are on offer, plus Aldi do a very good fillet.  I buy Aldi oven chips at 99p a bag and soak my own mushy peas and freeze them in batches.


Home made burgers and wedges (sweet potato this week as 39p a bag in Aldi)

Dinner – Home made pizza, with home made sauce and mozzarella and salami, plus veg.  Garlic dough balls or garlic pizza bread.


Lunch – poached egg on muffins Dinner – Roast chicken, roast potatoes, home made Yorkshire puddings and vegetables plus we have parsnips, sprouts and leeks in the garden.


Lunch – Leftovers from Sunday Dinner
Dinner – Chicken and vegetable Curry, rice and Naan (I strip the carcass on Sunday night and pop in the slow cooker)


Lunch – Leftover curry and a jacket (me), Toasty (mini)
Dinner – Tuesday Chicken and Ham risotto with Vegetables (I use the chicken stock and leftover chicken)


Spaghetti on Toast
Sausage Casserole – 2 packs of sausages , carrots, leeks and parsnips from the garden and Mash


Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Jacket potatoes with Beans and Cheese

MadDad takes leftovers, sandwiches or home made pasties to work (they have a microwave) and Maxi has school lunch.  So during the week it is just me and mini for lunches.
Breakfast consists of porridge with maple syrup (maxi), toast (mini) and muesli (Me), MadDad fends for himself during the week, but bacon sandwiches and pancakes are weekend favorites.
Oh and I just through I would slip that cake in made by mini and me with left over gingerbread house as the base and a cream cheese and lemon topping, yum!

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