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Menu Planning and Frugal Food Part Two

The Basics and MummyMads Rules

I have a few golden rules that I always abide by and also make sure I have a larder with basic ingredients in.

I don’t scrimp on chicken I always buy a good one or a happy one as I call them (free range), as they make better stock and just taste nicer with more meat in my humble opinion.  The same with eggs (our butcher sell local free range ones cheaper than the supermarkets).  I pop in to the local butchers and see what is on offer meat wise too.
In the store cupboard and fridge I always have flour, eggs, caster sugar, lentils, beans, beans and sausage, spaghetti, pasta,  yogurts, smoothies (again a treat for the boys I get them from Aldi).  I never scrimp on fruit, I just buy whats on offer, this week we have a bowl full of apples, bananas, pears and grapes.  I buy blocks of butter for baking when they are on offer and freeze them.

You will see that there are no deserts or treats on the menu plan, well that is because I make them rather than but them, hence always having flour etc in, means I can whip up a crumble in no time or an apple pie.  often we just have fruit and yogurt.  The boys and I bake all the time.  We made cookies and a sponge cake at the weekend.

Sp for us snacks are home made biscuits, veg sticks and fruit or maybe some home baked bread and jam.  Yes it can be hard work initially and I am lucky in that I am a SAHM able to do this with my boys, but that is the trade off, in order to afford to be at home, we have to make savings!

My plan for the coming weeks, is to post a menu plan and also share with you some of the recipes that we use.

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