Metallic Leaf Garland and Decorations

How stunning are this Metallic Leaf Garland and Decorations designed for us by Jane from Snapdragon online. I have been a long time admirer of Jane and love her style and was delighted when she agreed to collaborate with me on a fabulous craft project that is perfect for children and adults alike. 

So let me tell you a little bit more about Jane –  Firstly she runs a small business, creating homewares and creative kits based in rural Scotland, season by season.  I met Jane online, Instagram I think, but what I can tell you is she has always been there, in the background being supportive in her gentle and understanding way. We connected through a mutual love of crafts, simple living, family, creativity and thriving with a health condition. I delight in receiving my quarterly studio box with everything I need in to be creative and slow down with intentional projects.

I originally did a version of this project as it was included in Jane’s Studio Box which I subscribe too and I love how she has adapted it to be a rainy day store cupboard project.

A brilliant simple seasonal DIY craft for all ages. Make stunning metallic leaf decorations, perfect for hanging on your tree or making a stunning garland.

Metallic Leaf Garland and Decorations


Tin foil or copper sheet. You can buy the copper foil directly from Jane
Wad of paper or magazine to put foil on

How to make a Metallic Leaf Garland and Decorations

Step 1 – put foil on top of the paper, put a leaf on foil. You can either use one from the templates or one found on a walk.
Step 2 – draw round leaf.  Make a much longer stem than is there.
Step 3 – draw veins on leaf.
Step 4 – cut around the leaf.
Step 5 – scrunch stem to make it long and thin
Step 6 – make stem into a hook
Step 7 – hang on string or onto branches
I love how Jane has used them to decorated parcels and decorate a table setting.
Something so simple and beautiful.
Make stunning metallic leaf decorations, perfect for hanging on your tree or making a stunning garland. A fabulous DIY craft.
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