Mini Unleashed, a moment in parenting hell 20

We were invited by Samsung to go to the Dinosaurs Unleashed exhibition at the O2 in London on Saturday and I thought it would be a good idea for just me and Mini to go, as we needed to mum and son time together and leave Maxi and MadDad at home.

I should have taken the fact that when we arrived at the train station to find our train had been cancelled and that the local team were at Wembley that karma wasn’t on my side and it would be wise to just turn round and go home.

After a very crammed 3 hour journey with Mini on my knee (we stood part of the journey too) we arrived in a very London and managed to get to the Dino exhibition on time. The plan was to meet at the exhibition and then go back in to the o2 for lunch, something that Mini didn’t want to to, oh no he wanted to go see the dinosaurs there and then.

We decided on wear to eat, but Mini was being a complete obnoxious toad and didn’t want to eat there oh no he wanted to eat at an alternative restaurant and decided to shoe his disdain at me by just being terrible, playing up at the table, refusing to order and running away.  This didn’t get any better during the meal, I was mortified.  Thankfully I was there with Sally, Alex, Claire and Jamie and they were all pretty understanding, but with hindsight, I should have just picked him up and got on the train and come home and next time I will (if I ever take him out in public again)!

He was quiet as a mouse during the Dino tour, he really enjoyed it, but I was far too hot, I was melting.  It turns out so was Mini, even though he was just in a shirt and shorts, he was scratching all the way home and he is covered in a very nasty and itchy heat rash.  I sent most of Saturday night and Sunday night up with him scratching, itching and crying (even with antihistamines).



So sorry to Samsung, I did not manage to get a lot of Video at Dinosaurs Unleashed, but I do really love the camcorder and was really impressed at just how good it worked in the low light conditions.


Disclosure: I was provided with a Samsung HMX-Q10 camcorder and an expenses paid trip to Dinosaurs Unleashed


20 thoughts on “Mini Unleashed, a moment in parenting hell

    • admin

      Chris at Thinly Spread » I didnt survive very well, cried when I got home. Thankfully it was with really understanding people!

  • Suze

    Oh dear! Sorry it didn’t turn out to be quite the bonding experience you had planned. That’s children though. Whilst my husband was away I took my three out for a meal. In my head I had some ideal that it would be lovely just me and my three gorgeous ones. WRONG – they blinkin argued throughout, and my little one had a tantrum. We left with no dessert (drat).
    At least you tried.
    The exhibition look fab.

    • admin

      Suze » Ah yes, seems that Sod is at it again with his law. I am in London with Maxi for a night next week, hope he is good (it is with the school)

  • Liz@VioletPosy

    Bless you, I’ve had trips out like that although they are getting fewer as she gets older thankfully!. The Dino exhibition looks like it was fab though and I bet he loved it x

    • admin

      Liz@VioletPosy » I am sure it will get better, but he was as bad as he has ever been. He loved the Dino’s, but not a place to go in the heat and pretty expensive too

  • Ipswich Mummy

    Well done you for sticking with it. I would have picked mine up and just walked out. The dino exhibition looks great. I’ve considered taking my children but I don’t think the youngest would like it. I guess I could leave him at home with hubby and venture into London with the eldest children, on my own……on second thoughts maybe not!!!


    • admin

      Ipswich Mummy » I would just make sure you go on a cold day, it is a marquee, so you can imagine the heat! I was a little underwelmed by it all, but Mini really did love it. I think I should have walked away with him, he spoilt lunc for the other children and parents

  • Floss

    Oh, yes, the best laid plans… What really interested me once was that I lost a roll of film (back in the day…) from a walk where our Son 2 had moaned, whined and tantrummed throughout the entire day. When I developed it, months later, he found the photos and said: ‘oh, wow, look at these – here’s the sheep, there’s that rock… wasn’t it a wonderful day?’ His overview of the entire day was so different to mine, and I wondered why I’d just rememebed the bad bits and he’d got a good grip on the positive stuff.

    • admin

      Floss » Hmm yes the positive stuff, even Mini knew just how terrible he had been. I think as parents we do tend to focus on the negative sometimes. It does help to know that other people have the same issues. I guess I am just missing mum which intensifies it

  • Midlife Singlemum

    It’s always the way. They don’t appreciate a fabulous day out in London and another time you’ll feel bad for arranging a walk down the lane and a sandwich on Bank Holiday Monday – and it’ll turn out to be fabulous. Go figure.

    • admin

      Midlife Singlemum » It is the law of Sod! I fear he is stalking me at the moment

  • Sarah,

    Oh dear, sounds hellishly familiar, I’ve had a few outings like that although in my case it tends to go down that route when dad is there rather than left at home.

    I’d forgotten the full horror of football supporters on a train, I remember boarding a train at 8am once and being surrounded by men drinking Stella Artois already.

    My son would probably like to see some dinosaurs and the o2 is near to us (relatively) so I might investigate…

    • admin

      Sarah, » Oh yes they were drinking Stella and strongbow and singing inappropriate songs, thankfully I have taken my iphone and noise reducing earphones, so stuck them on him! Regarding the Dinosaurs make sure you go on a relatively cool day. I think he is very tired, he was in bed asleep by 6.45 tonight

  • swanbythelakeside

    Your CommentsWell, if you’d been in York the previous weekend, you would have met my ds2 misbehaving in a pizza restaurant there after visiting National Railway Museum! I think we’ve swopped cultural outings…as I live in London!
    I don’t know what it is about eating out…that brings out the worst in them. Maybe it’s the expectations of good behaviour.
    Poor you, but I bet he remembers having a lovely time at the Dinosaurs.
    Trains can also be a nightmare at their worst.

  • Preseli Mags

    The best laid plans. At least Mini enjoyed the Dino tour. Reminds me of a three hour car journey with a hellish three-year-old tantrum in the back seat (kicking the back of mine) followed by 18 quid to get in. We stayed half a hour, had an awful meal and then drove home (another journey-long tantrum). I’d love to say these things are character building but then you might (quite rightly) punch me, so I won’t!

    • admin

      Preseli Mags » Ha ha ha, yes what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I am hoping it is just tiredness and testosterone, a deadly mix

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