Me and Mini take my mum shopping every Thursday and whist in the car on the way yesterday we were chatting as you do and he just stopped me in my tracks.  I can not believe this little man of mine, my baby, my cuddler will be 4 next month and I just had to record some of the things he says and I love.
Although shopping with Mini and Mum can be stressful, I love the speical time I have with mini on a morning, I love our cuddles and our little chats.
You want to be a nurse, not a doctor as you don’t want to wear a stethoscope, but you do want to help people and you like the way the nurses always help me.  So yes you want to be a nurse that travels round the world and first you want to go to Haiti.   This really stopped me in my tracks as we have never talked about jobs before.
You told Grandma today that you would be going to college after school.
I love the way you stop mid-sentence to try and think of the right word, you just sit waving your hands.
You also seem to start every sentence with the words “you know mum”, to which I often reply “yes I know mini”.
You have started to clap out syllables and spell out words
You ask for J A M on your toast
When asked your name, you always reply with your full name, including your middle name.
You are fiercely independent
You still love your dummy and are not ready to give it up just yet, although you only have it for bed.
Your bears are also firmly required when you go to bed and I often wake with a bear and you beside me.
I love how you always manage to turn upside down in your bed!
You think I am beautiful.