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Mini’s London Quilt

Mini’s favorite place in the whole wide world is London.  He loves visiting it, loves reading about it and sleeps in a London themed room.  So when it came to making him a quilt (my first one ever) it had to be London themed.  I have had this fabric and the deciding for this quilt for over six months thanks to Kelly, but have discovered that cutting fabric is my kryptonite   I just can not bring myself to cut it at all.  Knowing that I had to get past my fear, I booked in for a sewing class.  I go two hours a week on a Tuesday and the quilt was my first project.

minis quilt

So finally Mini has his quilt and he loves it.  I made it over 5 weeks mostly at class and with the support of some fab online buddies too (yes you Katy and Justine, who listen to and answer all my insane questions).



I am really pleased with how it turned out.  It is the perfect fit for his cabin bed and he loves it, which is all that matters.

Oh and I have already started another one and me and Maxi are on the lookout for the perfect fabric for his quilt.

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