Mondays are home bluring days and an update on the bed 2

Mondays for us in TheMadHouse are home blessing or bluring day as I call it.
This means that we go round and polish all rooms, vacuum, sweep and tidy and I do me we. Each of the mini mads has their own pinny and feather duster, they also have a sweeping brush and can use the hand help vacuum too.
This way the house is all prepared (as much as possible) for the rest of the week.
This weeks intensive clean is the master bedroom, so I will concentrate on cleaning in there, doing the skirting, cobwebs, windows etc.
I try and instill the boys not to have all their toys out at once and also to put things away when we have finished with them, everything has a place.
Whilst I have hoovered etc the boys have been doing some colouring and plating on the swings in the garden.
We have also made a decision to cancel the bed and asked them to come and take the damaged one back.
The eldest MiniMad has bunks in his room and they have been sharing, youngest in the bottom and it has worked well, so much so they asked if they could share. To which we said a resounding yes and spent much of yesterday afternoon re-arranging furniture.
So now the minimads share a room and we have a spare room with a sofabed, wardrobes and some of the larger toys in.
This means we also now have a study/ironing room with much more space in, so I plan to move all my scrapbook stuff upstairs so that I can do it when they are on the PC. We are also putting back my nursing chair from the garage.

2 thoughts on “Mondays are home bluring days and an update on the bed

  • louhen

    Loving your blog Mad Mum, but just wondered why you call Monday a'bluring'day ? Is it a northern phrase 😉 x

  • TheMadHouse

    Ah it is a Fly lady thing, Mondays are home blessing day, but we call is bluring!!! Basically it is just giving the home a basic clean.

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