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Mini is an avid reader. He devours books in no time and also reads before bed, so we decided to have a go at making some of our own bookmarks. We have seen the corner monster bookmarks everywhere and we wanted to try something different, so we decided to make Monster Big Nosed Bookmarks, inspired by the “Wot no” Kilroy drawings I used to doodle as a youth!

Big nose monster bookmarks

These Monster Big Nosed Bookmarks are really simple to make and we had so much fun making and decorating them.  I think they would be a perfect group activity for over the summer.  We make ours with cardboard, but craft foam would also make really durable Monster Big Nosed Bookmarks and you could use wool, ribbon or cord for hair instead of the pipe cleaners we used.

You could decorate your card with tape, sequins, buttons or pens, but we have left ours simple.

monster big nose bookmarks 8


monster big nose bookmarks

Cardstock (we like bright card) – Uk Link/US Link or craft foam – UK Link/US Link
Pipe cleaners – UK Link/US Link
1/8th inch punch – UK Link/US Link
Googly Eyes – UK Link/US Link
Glue Dots – UK Link/US Link

How to make Monster Big Nosed Bookmarks


monster big nose bookmarks 1

Cut your cardstock to the size you want you bookmarks (ours were around 16cm by 7cm), but we did different sizes. We used our guillotine, but scissors are fine too.

monster big nose bookmarks 2

Cut your nose into the bookmark  We marked our nose in pencil and used the guillotine and a scalpel with a cutting mat to cut the nose, but you can use scissors again, depending on the age of your children.

monster big nose bookmarks 3

Now comes the googly eyes and as these are monsters, then the wackier the better.  We used a selection of sizes and stick them on with Bostik Glu dots.

monster big nose bookmarks5

Next for our Monsters hair.  We punched a small hole out to thread the pipe cleaner though and secured it by twisting it.

monster big nose bookmarks 6

You can then be a monster hairdresser and bend the pipe cleaners to make hair.  We wrapped some round pencils to give our monsters curls and added more than one hole on some too.

monster big nose bookmarks7

And then you have a fan big nosed monster bookmark.

monster big nose bookmarks 9

These bookmarks would be a great activity to do with a group of kids and both my boys have been using them for a week or so and love them!

monster big nose bookmarks11

I have put together a video for you to see just how they are made.


monster big nose bookmarks collage


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