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free road trip printables

More road trip travel printables

These road trip printables are great for keeping the kids occupied when travelling. I have been thinking about half term and a weekend trip that we are taking.  I know that lots of kids have tablets and electronics to keep them occupied in the car, but I like to mix things up a little and the boys loved the first set of road trip travel printables, so I have created another set this time in conjunction with

free road trip printables

The trick with these printables  is to laminate these and then give them, to the kids with a washable felt tip.  Alternately slip them into a clear folder and they can write on that with a washable felt tip pen, making them usable again and again!

Road trip travel printables

car models wordsearch free printable

Both my boys love word searches, they are super fun.

count the vehicle

Count the cars has always been a game that the MiniMads have enjoyed and they are ultra competitive.  This printable makes is easy to choose a car colour or even type of vehicle to count.

Printable road trip activity sheets and printable games for kids

Other great games for playing in the car

I’m thinking of a country beginning with …….

I’m thinking of an animal…..  with this one you get to ask the person a question, but they can only answer with yes or no!

Eat the alphabet – each person takes a tern listing what they would eat from a – z and then passes it on.  The next person has to add theirs and also recite all the previous ones too!

The Alphabet Game. The alphabet has lots of possibilities for games!My boys love Star Wars ABCs Anankin, Boba Fett, Clone Wars, Droid, etc.  You could also do places, foods, animals, kids’ names, etc.

Eye spy – starting with a letter of the alphabet for older children, but colours for younger kids.

Name that tune – people get three tries at naming the tune you are humming or whistling.

Opposites. The opposite of short is tall and the opposite of big is small.

Joint story. This is a great one because you can make it as long or short as you want! Start by telling just part of a story, and then have the next person tell the next part. Cut them off, and have the next person tell the next part, and so on

connect the dots
tic tac toe

Download your free car journey printables

count the vehicle *  car models wordsearch * connect the dots  * hangman *  tic tac toe

road trip games free printable

If you like these, then why not print off our previous travel journey printables

free kids car journey games printable

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