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More Small Stuff

I am struggling to see the good and light in everything at the moment and finding it hard to be bright and bubbly with a broken arm.  I can not sew, stitch, type, bake or craft, all the things that feed my soul. I can not bear to travel on a bumpy bus, especially as my fracture is not in a cast and mobile, so we are pretty much stuck to the small (very small) village we live in.

The lovey people at Pickle Pie Creations sent me this “Jen Loves”  artwork, which currently has pride of place on my desk reminding me that it is the small things that count.  They are the things that make everyday doable.

I have found that I am using Instagram more and more to keep a record of the things that make my heart sing each day.  It is about seeing the good in everything and the fact that the sun has come out has lifted my heart somewhat.

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