Motherless on Mothers Day 9

mum and tori


My mum and my niece on her christening

This week I have been acutely aware of missing my mum.

There has been a mum shaped hole in my days.

This is my third Mothers Day without her and although she was not one for the soppy sentiments in Mothers Day cards, it still makes me aware of her absence.

But more than my pain and the pain of my children, I hate the fact that my wonderful sister in law now has to go though Mothers Day without her mum.

Her wonderful mum died on Friday night.

I hate that I am welcoming her in to a club that I do not want to be part of.

That I can not take away her pain and also that I know how much heartache she is going through.

I read this post by Becky and so want to echo the sentiment. Family is not something, family is everything.

To all the motherless on Mothers day


9 thoughts on “Motherless on Mothers Day

  • Alice

    I thought of you today. Hope your day has been as good as it could be and so sorry to hear about your sister in law xx

  • Peggy

    Oh Jen, so sorry to hear that your sister in law lost her mum too. Hope your gorgeous boys have given you lots of love and attention today xx

  • Jack

    When I was a teacher I was always acutely aware of any children in the class who might not have their Mum’s around for whatever reason, and it was always a dilemma whether to make Mother’s day cards and gifts. In the end I think I usually opted for the “Lets make these for our Mummies or to give to someone special on Mother’s Day” but I’m never sure if it was the right thing to do or not.

  • Molly

    Ah Jen, I imagine it never gets any easier. Hope you were able to savour the memory of your mum with your boys yesterday and smile at happier times. xxx

  • Kate on Thin Ice

    Hi Jen
    What a lovely looking Mum you had. Suspect she was a good laugh. I love her face. It’s not easy this grown-up business is it? Thinking of you and your sister-in-law.

  • Mama Syder

    I always struggle on Mothers day too. I miss that she would always ring me early in the morning and wish me a Happy Mothers Day, that is just the selfless kind of woman she was, never thinking of herself. I’m so sorry that your SIL has lost her Mum, my heart goes out to her x

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