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5 ways to make movie night memorable

This summer is all about making memories with my family and I am working with fab® ice lollies and it’s to help you have a fun family summer.  Sometimes all you need to do to make something more memorable and fun is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, and that it what this is all about.  We love movies; there is something wonderful about sitting together as a family and enjoying a film, so here are five ways to make movie night memorable.



5 ways to make movie night memorable


Create a cinema at home

One of the ways that we make movie night more fun is to recreate the feeling of a cinema at home.  We do that by having individual buckets of popcorn and tickets.  We set a time for the showing and sometimes the kids even make a poster for our movie event.

Invite friends

The movies are always better with friends so why not invite a few friends over to join in the fun?  You could always get them to bring over a cushion or bean bag if you are lacking in seats.  I always find inviting over friends when it is a kids movie means the boys get to watch with their friends and I can catch up with mine!

Go outdoors

I love the idea of watching a movie outside and with the advances in technology it is actually easier (and cheaper) than you might think.   Plus there will be no need to clean up any pesky popcorn or keep an eye out for dripping ice lollies if you are all outside.  Imagine snuggling up under a blanket and watching a classic movie.  Or you could get active outdoors with our fab chalk movie game.  We love this game and it is super fun for all the family.


To start you need to draw out a square in pavement chalk.  Ours is 180cm by 180cm and then add your boxes.  We have 30 boxes each 30cm square.  Then add a letter to 26 of the boxes and you have your gamepad.  The blanks are great for using a space.


You can play so many different games with your chalk game board depending on the age of the participants.  Firstly we played guess the movie character, where someone jumped from letter to letter spelling out a character’s name and the winner was the one who figured it out first.  There also is movie twister, where you all have to get on the game board and use your hands and legs to spell out the movie name; we’ve also played by using a ball to hit the letters of our movie characters.


Have an indoor drive-through

I have always been fascinated with American drive-in movies.  Get a couple of large cardboard boxes and let the kids decorate them as cars ahead of the time and then you can have a drive-in in your front room.


Set up a theme

If you know what movie you are going to watch ahead of time, you can have fun with the theme of the movie. If you’re watching Indiana Jones hide some rubber snakes around the room to surprise the children. If you’re watching Madagascar, have your kids grab their zebra, hippo, giraffe, lion or penguin stuffed animals to help watch.  When it is Harry Potter time, Mini gets into the mood by dressing up!

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 How to have the best family movie nights ever! make sure you have memorable movie nights by following our simple tips. Epic family movie nights turn the everyday inti something extraordinary

Chalk Alphabet pavement game. This outdoor game is perfect for helping children learn ABC's, spelling, and much more. We use it to make movie nights more memorable as a family fun activities. You can also play word twister, which is a hilarious family game.

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