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Mummy I want to marry you

said the eldest mini mad today. This is something that is coming up more and more recently. So I explained very patiently that I couldnt marry him as I was already married to MadDad. “Thats OK mummy, I will wait till he is dead”.

That will be a long time I countered and really you should marry someone your own age that you love. “I love you mummy” he said. I know I replied I love you too and I always will love you, even if you are naughty I will still love you. We are family and that is forever.

“You are my best friend Mummy” and that was the end of that conversation.

5 minutes later the youngest Mini Mad comes in declaring he has a baby in his tummy and it is going to grow big and then I can look after it. “How did it get there?” I asked. “I ate it mummy” he replied and I left it at that not wanting to get in to the whys and wherefores with a 3 year old.

About 10 minutes later he came and told me it was twins and again I just mumbled that cool. “Mummy can we grow a baby in your tummy” fear ran through my body and he then gave me a jelly baby and said “here mummy this is the seed”. Oh the minds of 3 year olds.

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