Mumpreneur, Why would you call yourself that? 51

This post all started with a tweet from @alaceharold

Mumpreneur, why would you call yourself that? At its worst patronising and at best irrelevant.

I am sure some great writer and feminist has probably covered this before, but here is my take as a mum of two boys.  Yes I am a mum and yes I am self employed, does this make me a mumpreneur, erk NO.

It smacks of belittling what woman can and do achieve on an everyday basis, not only do we often run a home, but in between it all we manage to do a little work whilst breast feeding our child on our hip or phone hooked to our ear.  So for me the the term mumpreneur somewhat patronising, limiting and downright wrong.  You never near of men being called Dadpreneur do you? It implies that my entrepreneurial drive is somehow indivisibly attached to my status as mum.  Does it matter what inspired me to be the master of my own working destiny? No, I didn’t think so.

So why do people use it, why do people allow themselves to be called it?  Does it not belittle the way people think of woman in business? Oh, she doesn’t take her business seriously, after all it is only a hobby, whist she brings up children.  It is only pin money?

So lets quit with the Mumpreneur shit shall we I am a business person.