Must have books for Tween Boys 12

Do you have a reader?  I am not going to pretend that my boys are always found with their noses in a book, but I have now got two readers.  One was a reluctant reader and the other was and still is prolific, especially at bedtime!  It is only when I came to put together this list that I realised just how much they both read and how many books we have purchased this year, so here is our must have books for tween boys.

Must have books for Tween Boys

Before anyone jumps down my throat, I only have boys, so this is why this is a  must have book list for boys!  We actually have most of these books or the predecessors already and they are loved for lots of different reasons.  I am going to start with Harry Potter and fiction books. We have always loved the movies and so have the boys.  The books were our next step and they have been read along with the audiobooks (via audible, who have re released them).  To go with them I adore the Harry Potter Illustrated book.  I feel that it might be book of the year.  it is totally spellbinding.  Similarly via the movie is how Maxi found the Maze Runner series and how Mini discovered Percy Jackson.

If you are looking for laugh out loud then Danger is Everywhere and Danger is Still Everywhere is just that.  I have loved listening to the boys giggle as they read these and then they talk about them and parts of the books are now common language for us all.  These are ace as audiobooks too.

Whilst we are talking about fiction that we ALL love as a family the House of Secrets is a great series.  Chris Columbus has previously directed The Goonies, Harry Potter and  the Chamber of Secrets and Home Alone, so we were expecting great things and thankfully he achieved just that.  The books are page turners and I have enjoyed them immensely even sneaking off to the bath with one to read on my own.  Mini really loves David Walliams books, devouring them at a super fast rate of knots.

Fact books

I don’t know if it is a boy thing, but both of my boys LOVE fact books and often prefer them to fiction books.  Anything to do with facts and figures goes down really well.  We have the last six years of The Guinness Book of Records and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  Guinness have a new book this year, just for gamers and the boys saved up and bought it with their pocket money and love it.  Maxi’s Minecraft Blockapedia is really well thumbed and even goes with him to friends houses.

You may have guessed that both of the boys are football mad, so Match Annual and The book of Football records are annual purchases here,

 Must have books for Tween Boys

Must have books for Tween Boys

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We always get the boys lots of books at Christmas too and this year the list is rather long when I asked them about their hits:

Harry Potter series (UK Link/US Link) – Ace value as under £26

Harry Potter illustrated book (UK Link/US Link)

Maze Runner series (UK Link/US Link)

Danger is everywhere (UK Link/US Link) and Danger is still everywhere (UK Link/US Link)

House of Secrets series (UK Link/US Link)

Anything by David Walliams! (UK Link/US Link)

Percy Jackson Series (UK Link/US Link)

Where’s the Wookiee  a search and find book (UK Link/US Link)

Guinness Book of Records 2016 (UK Link/US Link)

Guinness book for gamers (UK Link/US Link)

Ripley’s Believe it or Not 2016 (UK Link/US Link)

Minecraft Blockopedia (UK Link/US Link)

Stampy’s Lovely Book (UK Link/US Link)

This is Not a Maths Book: A Smart Art Activity Book (UK Link/US Link)

Patterns of the Universe: A Coloring Adventure in Math and Beauty (UK Link/US Link)

Match Annual 2016 (UK Link)

Star Wars Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (UK Link/US Link)

Doctor Who Coloring Book (UK Link/US Link)

Book of Football Records 2016 (UK Link/US Link)

Wonder (UK Link/US Link)

The Mysterious Benedict Society (UK Link/US Link)

Must have books for Tween Boys

Do you think that I have missed anything.  Is there any books that your kids are desperate for?

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