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Must have Christmas Gifts for Scooter Lovers

I have made no secret that as a family we love Micro Scooters.  Both the boys have a Maxi Micro, we also have a Macro Sprite and one of their stunt scooters.  We are also loving the accosories that they have and the boys have been testing some more out.

Scoot Beamz (£6.99)

These have been a huge hit and I have had four of the local mums ask me about them.  They are lights that for on to any scooter.  You can have them on fast flash, slow flash or constant and they come in four colours.  They make the boys stand out on dark and dismal days.

Rucksack (£25)

One of my bugbears when the boys scoot to school is that I end up carrying their book bags, well no more as they have a Micro scooter rucksack.  This can go on your back like a standard rucksack or it can hook over the handle bars and you can let the scooter take the strain.  Perfect.  They also do one with a luck box too.

Scooter Sleeve (£9.99)

I do not know about your children, but mine love personalising things and with Micro scooters been so popular Maxi is loving his scooter sleeve, which means his scooter doesn’t get mixed up with anyone elses