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Our children are growing up and learning in an environment so different to when I was at school.  Online technology is a given.  Video content is available at the click of a button.  I remember the school only having one TV on wheels and often my class would come to my parents house to watch a TV program!

For the last month or so we have been reviewing the MWorld app and I can safely say that the boys have loved it and both MadDad and me think it is a fantastic way of reinforcing learning without kids even thinking they are learning.



What is MWorld?

MWorld is a unique interactive learning app designed for children aged approx 8 to 12 by Monash University in Australia.  MWorld is all about capturing kids natural curiosity and letting it run free.

MWorld features 50 titles in its first release and is split in to Animals, Art and Music, Early Civilisations, The Human Body, Language and Culture, The Modern World, The Natural World, People and Places, Space and The Wonders of Science.

MWorld brings the world to your kids tablet and allows them to explore the amazing world we live in at home.

How MWorld Engages kids

MWorld is a true multimedia experience with video clips, quizzes, bite sized information and audio information.  All of this is reinforced with an innovative game, which ensures that your kids come back to MWorld.


As they explore each of the areas they earn points and with those points they build their own world.  They are rewarded for discovery and effort and friendly competition, which my boys loved. It makes learning an adventure and their knowledge an achievement.

early civ

Mini is studying Ancient Greece at school and he ate up the Ancient Greece section.  In fact he became a mind of information  and wowed his teacher and us.  It was a great companion to the learning he was doing at school.

Win the Trip of a lifetime

To celebrate the global launch of MWorld, Monash is offering an adventurous family the opportunity to travel the world with a AUD$25000 travel voucher.   Head to and share what you would do on your £trip of a lifetime” to see how you can win your trip aroun d the world, ipads, GOpRos and more!

What to know what our trip would be. then take a look at this video clip

As a parent I limit the use of technology at home, but I have to say that we loved the MWorld App.  It has taught us all things and we were all sat on the sofa watching and learning together.  I like the fact that I am in control.  I can have an overview of what the boys are doing via the parent portal on the website.  It turned the boys screen time in to a learning experience.

Get MWorld

MWorld is available exclusively on iPad, with an Android version coming soon.  Once you have downloaded the app you have access to Jammin (Art and Music), Planets (Space) and Volcanos (The Natural World) titles and two credits to unlock 2 further titles.  Credits cost ££5.99 for 5 credits, £17.99 for 20 credits or £29.99 for 50 credits, which is cheaper than purchasing a book.

We love that MWorld is expandable and really engaging.  It captivated the MiniMads and they were learning without knowing.


Win 20 MWorld Crefits


WMorld credits

Disclosure: This content has been created as part of my involvement in the MWorld Trip of a lifetime program


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