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Baking Mad Mama, yep a girl after my own hear, who loves to bake has tagged me to list 10 of my favorite things that are free, so here goes:
  1. Waking up in the dark to find one or two little bodies snuggled in asleep next to me.  The mini’s always start the night in their own beds, but don’t always end it there, I don’t mind, I can not see them sharing with us at 15, so I am making the most of it!
  2. The boys getting into Star Wars, it is great they are turning into little nerds and geeks and they now too know that Jango Fett is Bobo Fetts Dad!
  3. The smell of solvents/fuels.  Strange I know, I used to hate them, but whilst pregnant with minimad I developed a love of them and would offer to go and fill up the car with fuel just to have a good smell.
  4. Tea, good tea.  I am a Tea Monster and love real tea.  I have my own tea cup and saucer and have blogged about my love of tea before.
  5. Clean sheets, crisp, freshly ,laundered and ironed.  I need the duvet to be in the cover correctly, no spare fabric at the top, but it is worth the effort.
  6. Living by the sea, I grew up by the sea, it is my internal compass, it always guides me home and when we were landlocked for 10 years, It was one of my most missed things.  OK we don’t live right next to the sea, but you can just see it from the study if you are on tiptoes
  7. Saturday Mornings, MadDad lets me have a lie in and the joy of not having to get up, to be able to sleep or just lie in that half asleep, half awake zone.  I am able to get dressed at a leisurely pace, I don’t dress the boys or get their breakfasts, bliss.
  8. Sunday Mornings, MadDad gets a reciprocal lie in on a Sunday and I used to not like being forced up in the cold with the boys far too early, but I have come to love watching the sun rise with them, curling up under a blanket watching starwars, staying in our PJ’s having quality mum and boys time.
  9. My wonderful husband, he is just wonderful, he brings me a cup of tea in bed every morning.  After nearly 15 years of marriage he knows me better than I know myself sometimes.
  10. Being told that I am doing a good job bringing up my children.  Feedback, well positive feedback is great.  When you are employed you always get told us you are doing a good job or not, you have appraisals, recognition and rewards.  This is what is missing in motherhood, every one is keen to tell you what you are doing wrong “I would do it this way”, but so few people let you know you are doing a good job, so that when they do I feel wonderful.
I think this is a great Meme, so I am passing it on to:
Sew Scrumptious, Louise is a very talented sewer and has a great giveaway on at the moment.
The very clever Tia at Who Ate My Crayons, she also has a giveaway on too, but just go and take a look at her geeks valentines cards, they are beyond cool.
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Abi at Mutterings from the Moor, again a very clever sewer (she made my birthday bear, dontcha know!), who has hens and takes great photo’s too.
Anyone else who hasn’t been tagged, consider yourself tagged by me, just give me a holler and I will add you to my list.  Have fun.


13 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Things MeMe

  • bad penny

    I loved reading these Jen – some of mine are the same as you will see !

    Thank you for thinking or me again – Blog wobble over !

    What exactly does meme stand for ? !

  • skirts and wellies

    We do 7 and 8 at the weekends too. The lie in day is fantastic! 10 hits a chord with me as well. Hope you're enjoying the snow!

  • make do mum

    I saw you mentioned No.3 at AWNTYM and was so pleased it wasn't just me with the weird pregnancy smell cravings (I couldn't get enough of petrol and rubber!)

  • bekimarie

    This has made me smile, I could so easily of written some of these.
    Really wish we could do 7 and 8 but OH works 7 days a wee so not possible. Although he does have a rare day off today so I left him in bed for a lie in.

    Take care
    Beki xxx

  • The Overflowing Family

    Lovely things Mad
    LOL at duvet cover – one of my obsessions too. I have made Overflowing Dad get out of bed before now to rearrange the cover!! I CAN'T sleep with spare fabric at the top!

  • mutteringsfromthemoor

    I have to list ten things? Oh crikey, with the fuzzy head I have on today this may take some time!!

    Love your number 1, and I miss it…mine no longer do this, the call of tv in the morning is stronger sadly!


    Hello! Well I am so pleased you picked me! I will try and come up with something…! I loved reading your list, wonderful indeed! thank you again! Suzie. xxxx

  • Michelle

    Lovely list, I think you are especially lucky to be living by the sea. One day I will be back by the seaside and will be a very happy lady because of it. Mich x

  • pinkmilkisyummy

    Oh, I am so with you on number 5. My OtherHalf thinks I'm mad, but it must be Just So, and then all is right in the world.

    Thanks for the tag. I've somehow managed to be very wordy indeed in mine!

  • planb

    Solvents? Weirdo…. Clean sheets on the other hand… Yummy yummy. In fact might have to go and change the sheets now. Even better if you have a shower first. mmmmm

  • houndini

    Awwww lovely 😉

    although I'm not happy with you! The fact that you sent it to Abbyu at mutteringsfrom the moor – means that she has now sent it to me!

    hehe – hope you're well – Houdini

  • Nathalie Thompson

    I took the "list 10 things" challenge via Bad Penny. Maybe you would like to stop by and visit?

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