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My Body, My Business

I am a big fan of the body positivity movement. I am also a big fan of not feeling the need to discuss your body, however, I am going to break that rule here today. I am fat. I am clinically obese, my BMI is way too high and as much as I am a big advocate of loving the body you are in and body acceptance, I am also a firm believer in people being free to make their own decision and speak their truths.

So here I am, an overweight, breastless, middle aged, post menopausal, opinionated woman and advocate of body positivity and I am putting up my hands and saying I am unhappy with my weight. What is even more laughable is the fact that I have even had counselling to accept my disfigurement and I have been afraid to say that I want to lose weight out loud for fear of being shouted down by the body confidence and love yourself movement.

However, there are other issues to be brought in to consideration. I suffer with a chronic illness and whenever I have raised the issue with my consultant she always tells me that stability is more important to my health than losing weight. (I have been my current weight for 6 years, never a kg less or more no matter what I do). But I also suffer with back pain and my GP always brings up the issue of losing weight. Why am I telling you all this? Why do I feel the need to justify the fact that I want to lose weight? Well that is the thing isn’t it, I shouldn’t have to, but you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

I understand that the diet industry is worth billions of dollar and that people have big issues with that and, therefore, may have issues with this post. I also know that I am unhappy and for medical reasons I can not up my output or reduce my input, so I am giving something else a try and I am taking you along for the ride. I welcome all opinions as long as they are respectful.

Introducing Modius

So for the next 90 days, I am going to be using the Modius headset to see if it can help me lose weight.

The modius headset is all about using neuroscience to make weight loss easier. It targets the vestibular nerve which is known to influence the hypothalamus and brain stem and possibly reduce your cravings and appetite. Apparently it:

  • Reducing Cravings
  •  Decreasing Appetite
  •  Making You Feel Fuller, Quicker

Obviously, I am not a scientist but you can read all about how it works and the science behind it here.

I’m going to be testing out Modius for 90 days. I am going to be wearing the headset for 5-7 days a week, for an hour a day.

Initial Impressions

I am only four days in to using the Modius headset so you will find out more about what I think during my next post, but I wanted to cover just how simple it has been to set up.

The headset charges via a USB and there is an app to download either for android or IOS. It was super simple to download and there is even a video on the app that walks you through connecting the headset to the app and then how to use it.

You can track your weight on the app. It keeps a record of your usage and statistics. You can use it to set usage reminders and a weight log of your body mass index.

I am going to try and use it for at least five days a week for an hour each time and whilst I am doing this I am not planning to make any other changes such as dieting.

It will be really interesting to see how I get on.

I am working with Modius and have been given a headset for the purposes of this project but if you’re keen to try out Modius for yourself,  you can get a fab 15% off your purchase using the code ‘Jen15’. Click for more information.

This is a paid post but all thoughts, words and images are entirely my own.

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