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My Boys first baths

Before I had Maxi I had never changed a nappy or held a baby for longer than 5 minutes and even then, that was under duress!  Yes I was one of those annoying career woman who wanted to have nothing to do with babies. So my anxiety was at fever pitch when it came to bathing Maxi for the first time.

I am eternally grateful to the wonderful nurse that took pity on me and Maddad and took time out after her shift to help us give him his first bath.  She was ever so patient with us and answered all our questions and put us and Maxi at ease, which meant that bath times never became battle grounds in our house.

This meant that we never felt nervous about bathing Mini and he took his first bath with his big brother as you can see above.  Without the help, care and assistance of that fantastic nurse we wouldnt have the boys that love baths that we do, especially as our parents lived 300 miles away when Maxi was born.


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