My Boys 9

It is not often that a picture perfectly captures a moment, but also the peoples personalities too, but we are lucky enough to have one.

When we were at The Mad Awards 2010, the wonderful Nikki Hall took some photo’s of my wonderful whirlwinds, which perfectly captures them.

So when Photobox offered me the chance of a canvas prints, I knew which image I had to choose.

I have used Photobox in the past, but only for prints and I have to say I was really impressed with the speed and the service and quality of the canvass.

We chose to have the image wrapped around the frame and it looks wonderful on the wall.  The colours pop off the canvass and we love it.

I was so impressed that I also ordered a poster for my mum (I can not show you it until after Christmas)  and it is amazing.

Would I recommend Photobox, yes I would.

Review based on a free sample – Photobox issued me with some credits, I added to them to increase the size of the canvas

9 thoughts on “My Boys

    • admin

      @Chris at Thinly Spread: It is fantastic and I love it. I was and am very impressed, so much so I have ordered some more things as christmas presents for people

  • Marylin

    Oh that is gorgeous! Photobox are awesome. Unfortunately I just had to turn down another opportunity from them, I just hope they’ll still consider me in the future!

  • Pumpkin and Piglet

    What a beautiful picture and it looks lovely as a canvas! I’ve seen lots of posts about Photobox recently and everyone seems very impressed so I must check them out.

    Sorry Jen, I must have missed the news that you were moving sites, I’d been wondering where you were!

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    That’s really lovely, Jen. I have started to like canvas prints now. Have a few in my lounge.

    CJ xx

  • Nikkii

    Photobox have fabulous customer support and they are SO quick. Between them and eFrame my Christmas, birthdays and mindless indulgences are all sorted.

    I’m just glad the resolution was good enough for a big canvas 🙂

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