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My Father’s legacy

I have a peaceful 20 minutes while the men of the house have popped out to gather a little something I forgot yesterday for dinner.    Leaving the house strangly peaceful for a Sunday and giving me time to mull over Fathers, both alive and dead.

My Dad was an amazing man and his Father (my Grandfather) before him was too.  They both shaped my childhood, giving me strong male role models.  Nothing was too hard for either of them, both worked with their hands, my Grandpa was a Ships Blacksmith and my Dad a Marine Engineer.  Our home was filled with their essence to the plants and greenhouse of my Grandpa (who lived with us) to the  wonderful handturned brass companion sets that my Dad made.

Nothing was too much trouble for my Dad, he was a yes man.  He learned to drive a bus so he could drive the band double decker each weekend and twice a week for practice getting both his PSV and HGV licence.  They sang to me, taught me how to change tires and took me to the cake shop every Saturday before sitting down to watch the wrestling. oh and they might have a been a sneaky visit to the ice cream parlor each week too.

My Brother, Mum, Me and Dad on my Wedding Day 18 March 1995

I think that my Father and Grandfather both effected my choice in men, when it came to MadDad I fell hook line and sinker for a man with echo’s of the other great men in my life.  A better husband I could not have and I have had the pleasure of watching him become a great Father over these last seven years.   I should have known he would do it well, as he injected me in y butt three times a day for the whole of my pregnancies and was just amazing.  Watching him grow and develop with our boys has touched my heart.  He makes me proud every single day and they both love him and choose to spend time with him.  He is a great Father.

But my Father’s legacy doesn’t end with my boys, oh no you only have to take a look at my younger brother and the way he is with his children.  He is a wonderful father to Chuky, ever the child himself.  His nephews adore spending time with him and he is a good honest man.  He adores his step grandchildren and is starting to look more and more like my Dad.

I am so lucky to have so many great men in my life.  Happy Fathers day, to those living and to those who’s echos live on.

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