My Favorite Photograph Meme 15

I have been tagged by Peggy at Perfectly Happy Mum to complete Tara from Sticky Fingers Favorite Photograph MeMe.
With the issues with my Laptop, I have been thinking about this and to narrow it down it is going to have to be from the last 4 years from when we went digital, as we don’t have a scanner.
That does narrow it down somewhat, but that still leaves in excess of 5000 photographs taken by me.  I know this as I thankfully transferred them all to the external hard drive MadDad bought me for Christmas just before the laptop went terminal.
I love photographs I always have, they are the most wonderful prompts, they trigger memories, emotions, feelings and capture the perfect moment in time. 

So here is a perfect moment captured in time, the reasons being:
  • I was so happy at this time, It was taken in April 2009 just of out hospital after the sepsis and fill of the joys of spring.
  • It was taken at one of our favorite beeches – Sandsend in North Yorkshire
  • The boys adore the sea and were having a whale of a time and stayed in til they turned blue and then had ice cream sat in the boot of the towels in the car.
  • A wonderful day with my wonderful family and just so you know those wet suits are in the car, along with towels, spare clothes and lots of other provisions for that just incase moments like the above.
  • 3 of my 4 favorite things all in one photographs, Mini, Maxi and the sea.  All that is missing is MadDad.
So I would like to pass this on to the following, please let Tara know when you have posted as she, well that should be Erica will be producing a gallery.

Now I am sorry if you have already received this tag, but as I have been offline, I am way behind the time.