My mid-century modern style 1

As I get older I have found that I appreciate the classic style of the mid-century more and more. I have always loved the curves, angles, and general look of that era, but now I simply want to fill my home with it!

When I was younger I was often pressured into having a more contemporary style. I would love to own vintage pieces, but they tend to be out of my price range and I am not a fan of reproductions or direct copies, I would rather something with a modern twist on it. I have to say that I really like the armchairs & footstools from Habitat.  I love this chair for the colourful buttons, almost as much as I do for it being grey.

I think habitat sofas & armchairs have that classic and timeless look about them.

For us a sofa is somewhere that we all sit as a family on an evening.  I love this one as it has tall legs and is easy to see underneath, which I think makes a room feel bigger, but is also perfect for recovering cars and other things that the boys play with.

Furniture has to stand the test of time and also the rigors of life with two boys and now a puppy. I am not precious about shoes and feet, in fact there is nothing better than curling up with your feet tucked under you and a blanket over your knees reading a good book.

Habitat Mid Century Modern Style by mum-themadhouse on Polyvore


As a family a coffee table just doesn’t work for us, it just becomes a dumping ground for books and other day to day detritus, but nesting tables are brill as we can pull one out for the tea tray to stand on or for LEGO or Jigsaw building.

I also have to admit I love the pops of color that cushions, rugs and accessories can bring to a room and you can change them with the seasons too. I often wish that I had been stronger and collected pieces throughout the years. However, I no longer buy things unless I love them and they fit our need as a family and one day I hope to have a sitting room just as beautiful and functional as the one above!