My Modius Journey – 45 Days in 2

This is a paid collaborative post with Modius and have been given a headset for the purposes of this project but if you’re keen to try out Modius for yourself,  you can get a fab 15% off your purchase using the code ‘Jen15’. Click for more information. So we are 45 Days in and time for the first Modius Headset update.. Have I lost any weight? Well, you will have to keep reading as I am not going to tell you yet!

I thought that I would get used to wearing the Modius Headset and it would become a habit after a while, however, I am yet to find that. I think that this is due to the fact that I had to stop using it due to contact dermatitis where the adhesive pads touched my skin. Unfortunately, I have really sensitive skin and it doesn’t like adhesives, however, once the skin healed and I started using the spray barrier (which is like a second skin) the pads haven’t caused any reaction at all. Out of all the team testing the Modius, I am the only one that has had this skin reaction.

Ease of Use

The Modius headset is really simple to use as I stated in my previous post. I was super simple to set up and is pretty much plug and play and as long as you keep it charged (I do it once a week) then there are no issues at all and it is totally mobile, all you need is your phone with the app on and the pads and headset. In fact, the only issue is that you can not use it whilst it is charging!

I think what I find the hardest is setting aside an hour each evening to use it where I am not doing anything as I can not read, sew or be on my phone when using the headset as it makes me feel really nauseous. I wouldn’t feel confident using it whilst mobile. The sensation is like mild seasickness. I can watch TV whilst using it and find if I keep focussed on a fixed horizon line it is much more comfortable. I am currently on level five.

So using the Modius headset isn’t a pleasant experience for me, but in some ways, I wouldn’t want it to be. Losing weight isn’t simple if it was then we wouldn’t be in the obesity crisis and I wouldn’t be overweight. I feel that I need to make an effort to lose weight even if I find it a challenge due to medications that I take to keep me alive!

My Top Tips

  • If you have sensitive skin then use a barrier spray. I use Cavilon barrier spray.
  • Attach the sticky pads five minutes before putting on the headset so they set and don’t fall off.
  • Start low and build up your level slowly.
  • I find it easiest to use it on an evening. Try and make it a habit.

Has it worked?

45 days in (with only 30 active days used) I have seen a loss of 1kg which is fabulous especially as I haven’t made any other changes. I know that 1kg might not seem a lot but considering I have not lost any weight or gained any weight in the last 8 years I thought it was a good thing.

I do plan to up my activity but at the moment my chronic illness has left me anaemic and fatigued so I have had to limit what I expend my energy on, however, we have already started taking longer than normal walks as a family.

Have I noticed a reduction in cravings? My weight is not just about input exceeding my output. You also have to factor in medications and that makes judging things a little more of a challenge. I have never been a person that binge eats, but I have noticed that I feel fuller sooner or I think I do! Also, I do not have an urge to eat late at night after using the Modius headset but is that down to it making me feel sick or showing the headset is working, only time will tell.

What I do find a challenge is in this age of body positivity that wanting to lose weight and not being happy with your body is not seen as a good thing. As a parent of two sporty children and the only one in the house that is overweight I really want to see a difference in my weight loss and fitness.

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