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My Most Surreal Mummy Moments

Well I have been parenting for nearly 5 years now, so I am obviously an old hand at this lark, yeh right.  But one thing can be sure, is that my children surprise me everyday.
One of my moments actually happened at Parents Evening for MaxiMad, he has a red book that is filled in with observations etc by the teaching staff.  MadDad and I were sat reading through it whilst waiting for our turn to see his teacher.  We came across the following entry:
Maxi is in the construction area, using the blocks to build a boat, when asked who was in the boat he replied “this seat is for grandma, she sweats a lot, so I am going to bring a box of tissues”
Well I couldn’t stop laughing, the things is my mum does perspire, but it was such a funny thing to read.
Maxi was doing his reading on the sofa with Mini and Me and was struggling with a word, when mini said “Maxi it is cottage”, this was when I realised I actually have two bright children!
The first time we went out as a family of four with MiniMad in the bottom of the Phil and Teds, he was so good I forgot he was there!!

I still find it really surreal when I think that I am a mum, I don’t feel old enough, perhaps that is why I enjoy playing and being with them so much.

Some of the comments that they say are just priceless:
Mini “it wasn’t a yawn mummy, it was a stall” (yep you guessed it I stall the car a lot)
Maxi on dressing up for the Nativity “I wasn’t dressing up, I was getting in to character”
Maxi explaining to mini why the water rises when you get in the bath “it’s called displacement”
“I don’t need to conform” when asking Maxi if he would like his hair cut short like his friends
I still think the most surreal moment for me was leaving the hospital with MaxiMad.  Me and MadDad couldn’t believe that you just well, go.  They don’t even let you do that with a cat from the RSPCA, they come and do home visits to check that you have a suitable home.   But no we were just let out to take him home, for the first day we didn’t know what to do with ourselves we popped him in his pram downstairs and just spent the day looking at him.
The thing is that you can still often find MadDad or myself sat in one of the boys bedrooms on a night just watching them feel, in awe thinking “I made this” and for me it doesn’t get much more surreal than that.