My Philips Airfryer and National Chip Week 8

Yes it is national chip week in the UK this week and I love chips.  Not very modern I know, but I have to say that there are a real comfort food for me, as my Dad made the best chips in the whole wide world.

We don’t have chips very often in The Mad House, partly as we don’t own a fryer and partly as we were spoilt as my mum had a Tefal Actifry so they were always a treat that we saved for visiting her.

When I had lunch with the chaps from Philips at Christmas they introduced me to their new Airfryer and then I was lucky enough to receive one a couple of weeks ago.  Now there are some great reviews of the actifry at the moment in the Mummy Blogging world, but I have to say that although I loved the chips it made, it isn’t a fast or speedy way to make them.  So I was intrigued that the Airfryer made chips from potatoes in 20 minutes, when it is nearer 40 for the Actifry.

Well I have to say I am super impressed with the Philips Airfryer, we had lovely chips in 20 minutes and you just had to shake it one half way through cooking.  I have also used it to cook oven chips, fishfingers, roast potatoes, roast parsnips and even roast vegetables.  I would never have been able to cook roast veg in  the actifry as it would have been turned to mush with the paddle.

I love that it is healthy cooking with much less oil required and also that you can adjust the temperature, which means you can cook a large range of things in it.  You can even cook chocolate brownies in it, not that I have tried yet.

The only pros I have come up with are the price and the size.  £199 is expensive, but it will replace our oven for a lot of cooking and size wise it is comparable to a deep fat fryer in its footprint, although it is higher.

So we will be eating chips for national chip week and I really am starting to love my Philips Airfryer.

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8 thoughts on “My Philips Airfryer and National Chip Week

  • Unpacked Mummy

    I very rarely eat chips, the only time I crave them is when I am pregnant, so right now at 31 weeks I am wolfing them down! I had fish and chips yesterday and right now I am fighting the urge to go to the chippy to get some chips for lunch, so I laughed when I logged on to your blog just now and the first article I saw was this review of a chip fryer!! How very, very appropriate!

    The chips in your photos look very appetising, but I can’t see how the price would be a ‘pro’, to me £199 is very expensive for something that just fries and roasts things. Even if I ate chips every single day I don’t think I could justify spending that much money.

    Thank goodness my baby is due in just a few weeks and then my cravings for chips, may, subside otherwise I would actually be tempted to go out and buy a chip fryer, but I know for sure I wouldn’t be spending £199

  • Karen Jones

    Wow! love the pics of your chips and potatoes Jen : ) We are chip mad in this house. I have to say we have them about 4 times a week ! *gulp* but they are oven chips. Must agree nothing tastes like home cooked “proper” chips but sadly we won’t be getting an airfry anytime soon. (well maybe if the lotto comes up ) xx

  • Domestic goddesque

    I’ve been waiting for your full report as you were lucky enough to try both machines. I like the look of the Phillips too…but £199. I’d need a visit from the Fairy Godmother @apponline for that ;-0

  • Jazzygal

    In the words of Homer Simpson…. chiiipppsss…8drool*!!

    You actually have chip week in the UK? Wow!

    Sounds like a nice healthy way to cook all sorts 😉

    XX jAZZY

  • mary marks

    Your Comments i have been lurking for a couple of weeks in blogland and came across your site just after your mother died. I have gone into archives a bit and this sort of post confuses me. I know you are bereaved and at sea and I know how that felt for me ( my mum and my mother in law to whom I was very close both died before my children were born – 15 years ago now) – I’m not saying I understand where you are personally. You portray your family as living on limited means but you have access to things that a lot of families I work with can only dream of and that is because you devote a significant amount of time n blogland so are a presence companies are prepared to support. You indicated that your family would lose your child benefit under the current government’s proposals, as would my family – I don’t think we’re poor – I think we’re privileged.
    I know from your blog that you have made difficult decisions and choices but they were in your control to make – other people, through no choice of their own, are not in that priviledged position.

    I have now seen that i have used the word priviledged twice in quick succession and i think that is that I want to say people like us are able to manage what happens to us in a way that many in our society are not and to retain a appearance/semblance of control and choice and to make use of the resources available to us.

    I think the material things you think you are lacking are not important and i am sure your children and husband appreciate you at home. My children are now teenagers and I have just turned down a job that would require me to work in the school holidays as they would rather i was around when they wanted me than we could afford to pay for them to go on £900 school trips – i know your children are not of an age to express their desires in this respect yet but given the support you seem to give them at home it is the values you give them that will impact on the decisions they make, If you make them think all the material things you can’t give them without your presence on the internet are more important than they really are then this is how they will perceive them,

    Although I have seen a lot of positive and supportive stuff on the internet around crafts and family i think it also has the potential to take people away from where they need to be and I think for this reason this will be my first and only reply and me signing out from blogland.

    I don’t want to come across wrongly or that i don’t appreciate the difficulty of breaking into established social network but if you spent the same time with real people as you do on the internet everyone would benefit – principally you, and by association your family and then those peripheral material benefits you gain through your blog woud not seem so important

  • Anna Matthews

    Your Comments Hi i regularly read your blog but have never felt the need to leave a response before. I feel upset by Mary Marks comments and really do not understand why someone would feel the need to post them. Keep on blogging and tweeting too 🙂 @homefrontanna

  • Cheril Doyle

    I agree with Anna as i am sure alot of folk will, i hope you don’t take any negative comments to heart and carry on blogging and tweeting as you have done before.
    Lots of love x

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