My Small Stuff 10

The wonderful Is there a Plan B?, who is gorgeous and makes adorably perfect babies (I know I have met one), did a fab post with her small stuff in.  It has been going round and round my head, like a great blog post does, so now I want to blatantly copy pay homage to it, with my small stuff

The smell of freshly cut grass, especially the first cut of the year.  Catching a hint of the smell of cut flowers as I walk past them. Warm milk in my favorite cup. Homemade chips, preferably made by MadDad.  listening to my children laugh at each others jokes that make no sense at all to me.  The way the sun makes rainbows through the grass on my front door. My Iphone.

The hollow sound you get when you tap a perfectly baked loaf of bread.  Eating that bread in thick slices with butter and homemade jam.  Plotting what vegetables to plant in the garden.  The sweet anticipation of the garden harvest. The sea on a wild day.  Walking barefoot on damp grass.  Hanging out laundry to dry.

Being inspired.  Stories of people that find their soul mates. camping. Ribbon. Having my CD’s in alphabetical order.  Building LEGO.  Playing with Playmobil. Board games with the boys. Everyone in the kitchen on a Sunday morning. picnics. Woodland walks. The North Yorkshire Moors.

Slipping in to a freshly laundered bed with ironed bedding, especially after a bath.  Waking up to find a small person snuggled in next to me and knowing I have time to enjoy the moment before getting up.  fairy lights. Sequins. Newly sharpened pencils.  Note books, especially new ones with all that promise a new unwritten page brings. Cartridge pens and writing with antique coloured ink. Fonts.

Inhaling the smell of my children. Losing myself in a good or bad book.  Immersing myself in a craft project or sewing.  Baking, both the making and the eating (food for my soul and body)!.  Food generally.  I like food, I like producing it, cooking it, eating it and more importantly watching others eat and enjoy what I make. White china plates.  Chai Tea Lattes and Devon scones. The Instagram App.

The feel of MadDad’s hair after he has had it cut. A good blow dry.  The beach.  Music, dancing to it, singing to it and listening to it. Fabric, I think I have a fabric addiction.  Oh and I love buttons too. Homemade, handmade and artisan products. Craft books.  Dr Who.  Liz Earle Products and L’occitane Green Tea and Jasmine perfume. Hot baths on cold nights.  Aromatherapy Associates bath oils.

Living by the sea. Fishing boats. Friends. A hand to hold. Comfortable silences. Secret jokes.  Blogging.  Being able to thread a needle.  Teapots. Boots. Driving and my sat nav. Jack Daniels.  South Africa. Boston. Adventures with my men. wrapping a present just so with crisp folds. Masking tape, especially washi tape.

My family, indecently so, we fit together so well and I love their company.  I quiver at the way MadDad’s wrists show when he wears his shirt and suit jacket.  MadDad’s backside is very pleasing too! Posting small gifts. Finding the perfect present.  Reading bedtime stories. The photographs on my stairs. Tea made from tea leaves and out of a tea pot. Cats. Watching my children sleep.  The house when it is silent.

Gift cards. Making tape. Learning something new. School church services. Boys in school shorts even with scuffed knees.  Idle chatter.