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My Winter Manifesto

We didn’t make any resolutions this time last year, in fact just getting through the new year intact was a bloody miracle and guess what I didn’t feel any worse off for not having these things hanging over me.  I am not sure the beginning of the year, when the nights are dark and the days dank and wet is the best time to make resolutions.  So as I did in Autumn, I am doing a Winter Manifesto.


  • Start Pilates lessons, I have found beginner lessons and the consultant things it would be good for my back
  • Keep on using my  Philips goLITE daily for up to 45 minutes (it really makes a difference in my mood)
  • Get my craft back on.  I have enjoyed the small things I have done at Christmas, so I have ordered a cross stitch kit to give me a kick start
  • Get the raised beds sorted and plant some seeds
  • Try and make a home made gift a month, to put away for birthdays and Christmas
  • To continue taking the boys to the park after school on dry days
  • To make one day a weekend a family day out, even if it is a car picnic in the rain
  • To listen to my body more and learn to take action
  • To take a photo a day
  • To work with the boys in decluttering the playroom and their bedrooms
  • To start to decorate the house (finances willing)
  • To back up my data
See there is nothing there that is difficult.  I like the fact that I set myself short term task and goals and have learned to make them a lot more realistic.   I took the pic above today from the car window.

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