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One of the most challenging parts of school and parenting for me has always been head lice and nits.  I remember the “fear” I had before my boys had even started school.  But critters (as they have come known in our home) are really part and parcel of bringing up children.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a LOAD of myths and inaccuracies out there about them.  So in conjunction with KIT & COCO I am bringing you this myth-busting post, so you have the true lowdown on head lice and nits.

The time has come to bust all the myths surrounding head lice and nits. Learn all about head lice and nits and a fantastic paraben free proven treatment.

First off, let’s clarify that nits are not head lice.  What?! Nits are in fact the cases of eggs laid by head lice. These are white or clear specks that are firmly attached to the shaft of the hair near to the scalp where is it nice and warm.   Lice eggs hatch within 1 to 2 weeks after they’re laid.  After hatching, the remaining shell looks white or clear and stays firmly attached to the hair shaft.  This is when it’s easiest to spot them, as the hair is growing longer and the egg shell is moving away from the scalp

The time has come to bust all the myths surrounding head lice and nits. Learn all about head lice and nits and a fantastic paraben free proven treatment.

Head lice are actually on the increase again, which some experts are putting down to the rise of the selfie! Head lice are communicated by touching heads (they cannot, despite the myths, jump, hop, fly or swim) and group selfies encourage this practice.  So let’s look at some other myths surrounding lice and nits.

Mythbusting - Head lice and NITS


  • Head lice only like clean hair – Myth.  Head lice are not that choosy!  Back when I was at school it used to be said that they only liked dirty hair!  The fact is that clean hair is often more flyaway and headline can only be transferred head to head.  Anyone can get them, regardless of their hair type and washing habits.
  • Head lice can only survive on humans, so there’s no need to wash bedding or soft toys if your child has them or blame the cat!
  • Head lice make your head itch – Myth.  It isn’t the lice that make you itch, but a reaction to their bites and not everyone itches.  So do not assume that your kids do not have them as they are not itching.  And yes I am itching as I am writing this and I do not have head lice at the moment!
  • You need to chemically treat head lice – Myth.  This is where KIT & COCO come in as they are paraben free and a great way of treating and preventing head lice.  As a mum with kids who have eczema, I adore that KIT & COCO are free from nasties and really effective for all the family.

Since my boys started school we have got into a routine of weekly checking for nits and head lice and treating as and when necessary.  I do not wait for the letter to come home from school warning of a case.  KIT & COCO also offer a protective mousse and a gorgeous hairband with a protective spray, both of which boast 24 hour protection against the critters!

Mythbusting - Head lice and NITS 1


This month, KIT & COCO launches its head lice and nits treatment and prevention range which contain effective plant-based active ingredients to free little heads from tiny pests!

Already a big hit in France, I like the range because it uses the unique qualities of coconut oil and rich botanic oil to eradicate head lice and nits. So there really is no need for nasties to get rid of an unwanted bout! But how does it work without ingredients typically found in treatment formulations such as silicone or parabens?


KIT & COCO’s treatment range clogs the respiratory system of lice and nits (eggs) and suffocates them. In recent years, there have been several scientific studies published on the increased resistance lice have to chemicals. Due to genetic mutations, lice have found a way to survive treatments that are insecticide-based. This is why KIT & COCO’s experts have developed a formula based on coconut oil. It’s nature vs nature!

Mythbusting - Head lice and NITS products

Hydrating, nourishing and soothing, coconut oil is particularly well suited to hair-care. When massaged in, it both strengthens hair fibres and soothes irritation of the scalp, leaving hair softer and shinier than before. But that’s not all, coconut oil has a bonus quality – it is an active participant in the treatment of head lice.

KIT & COCO has partnered with the best scientists and its formulae have been tested by independent lice experts. One of their experts is Mrs Berthine Toubate who has over 20 years’ experience in dealing with lice. Her laboratory, located in the heart of the Loire Valley French Pharmaceutical zone, is the only lab in France that breeds its own lice. It is part of the Training & Research Department of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Unit of the University of Tours (Francois Rabelais) and specialises in testing lice and nits (eggs) treatments and repellents for several companies and organisations around the world!

The KIT & COCO range was tested on lice of all sizes and stages of development. The 45 minute treatment was found to be 100 percent effective after 24 hours and 100 per cent effective after 12 days!

KIT & COCO is available online and in independent pharmacies across the country. For more information, like KIT & COCO on Facebook and visit

 The time has come to bust all the myths surrounding head lice and nits. Learn all about head lice and nits and a fantastic paraben free proven treatment.

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