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Need, Want, Must Have – Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento review

MadDad’s car broke just before we were off on our trip to France this summer and thankfully Kia offered us the use of a Kia Sorento for the week.  As we were taking the car to France MadDad was going to be the main driver (I am not keen on driving on the other side of the road) and we needed a car that would fit three stage 3 car seats in the rear.

three booster seats

So I asked MadDad to tell me what he thought of the Kia Sorento and below is his review.

Before I start this review, I have to confess that I have never been a fan of 4 x 4’s.  I have always thought them too large, bulky, inefficient and unnecessary.  I was not prepared to have my mind changed quite as much as it was by the Kia Sorento.  I like big cars, always have and the Kia Sorento is a BIG car, but no bigger than the estate car I usually drive.

It has a high driving position, was comfortable to drive over both long and short distances and parking was a doddle thanks to the rear parking sensor and 360 degree rear view camera.  Steering was light and responsive and the Kia Sorento was a pleasure to drive on French roads.

It came with all the toys you would expect on a car of this level including cruise control, blue tooth connectivity, steering wheel mounted controls and variable four wheel drive.

It was more economical than I expected and we got 38 to 39 miles per gallon on our trip, which for a car weighing nearly two tons is impressive.

The children were comfortable and we have NO travel sickness at all and that is unusual.  The boot was super spacious and fitted all our luggage, plus a electric cool box and plenty of shopping on our return.  The only niggle I had was the fact that there wasn’t a 12 volt plug point in the boot area.

So was I impressed?  Hell Yes.  If I could have a Kia Sorento as my next car I would jump at it.  Especially after the last two winters we have had in the North East.

So MadDad was converted, he even told me that he might consider buying a caravan too!  Watch out middle age here we come.  Oh and I also wrote a round up of tips for driving in France too.

driving in France