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Never Forget a Birthday Again with GiftWink

I swear since having my boys my memory has never been the same.  I think it is due to the sheer amount of information I have to remember and not only for myself, but for the rest of the house too!

Maxi birthday

It is not surprising that sometimes things slip through the net.  It is a horrible feeling to forget something that you really shouldn’t and that is where Gift Wink steps in.  You open an account and then start by adding their birthdays and their interests.  There is a wide range of interests to choose and you can update them as and when you need.

gift wink 3

I popped in Mini and Maxi’s birthdays (well it is Mini’s birthday next week)!  You add their name, relationship to you, their date of birth, gender and even interests.  Gift Wink then keeps the information and emails you a reminder before their birthday – whoop.

gift wink 1

You can even set up a gift list (which I might do for me and email it to the husbeast)!

What I liked about Gift Wink:

  • I think that the gift ideas are pretty perfectly pitched.  When it came to my boys and niece they were spot on with either things they have or things they would like, which is great, especially if you are childless buying for a niece and nephew.
  • I love that it is bright and colourful and easy to navigate both on my phone, tablet and desktop, which means I am more likely to use it.
  • I was impressed that there was a lot of low-value gifts, perfect for school mates birthdays.  I think the fact that it isn’t all focussed on expensive gifts is a real bonus.

gift wink 2

What I would improve:

  • I would like to not have to enter the birth year.  For some of the birthdays, I am not precisely sure (so it might be good to have a grouping for the older age ranges).
  • I would like to be able to browse gifts for men and women and not just boys and girls.  As I think Gift wink would be a great place to store all my birthday information and not just the kids information.
  • I am not sure that the wishlist works for me.  I find it overkill, but then I would never ask for a specific gift for my child!  If it was open to my child to make their own list without me being logged in then I might use it.

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