The benefits of Horse Riding for Kids 8

This weekend the boys had a new experience and went horse riding for the first time thanks to Petplan Equine.  Even though we live pretty rural and both the boys have friends who ride they had never contemplated giving it a try and were not afraid to admit that they were a little scared and apprehensive.  I was amazed at the many benefits of horse riding for kids.

The Benefits of Horse Riding for Kids

The boys had a fantastic lesson at Friars Hill Stables, Sinnington.  The were kitted out with boots, hats and high visibility vests before meeting their pony’s Robert (the grey) and Daisy.

The first part of their lesson was held in the ring in the school (I think that is the right term) with two great instructors, who taught them how to mount,  walk and trot, oh and how to steer their ponies and more importantly how to stop them!

The Benefits of Horse Riding for Kids

MadDad and I sat and watched them and the smiles on their faces didn’t go away from beginning to end.

“Horse Riding is really fun and not as hard as you think it will be” – Mini

The Benefits of Horse Riding for Kids

They boys them went on their first Hack around the village.  I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive waiting in the car for them, but I really needn’t have worried as they had THE BEST time.

“The instructor made it really fun to learn,  I really loved trotting on my Pony Daisy” – Maxi

The Benefits of Horse Riding for Kids

This was such a fun, but a different experience for both of the boys.  Mini often get’s really apprehensive doing things when he doesn’t know what is happening and he really worked hard at keeping those feelings suppressed.   He put his trust not only in the teacher but also the horse.  By the end of the lesson, he was relaxing into it and wants to go on more lessons.

The smile went on Maxi’s face as soon as he met his horse and he didn’t stop smiling at all.  It was great fun for him but he did admit before hand that he was scared about the horse kicking him and that he didn’t want to come last!  Yes, Maxi is hugely competitive and it was a good lesson for him to have to work with his pony and be the one at the rear.

Horse Riding for Kids has so many benefits and it is great fun too. Did you know that it is great for coordination, balance and social skills too? Find out why Horse riding is such a good hobby or sport for your children.

The Benefits of Horse Riding for Kids

  • In addition to general exercise, there are many more physical benefits for children linked to horse riding including strengthening their muscles and improving balance and coordination.  Both of my physical fit boys used muscles that they have never felt before!
  • Confidence – learning to ride a horse (which is a BIG animal) can be really empowering for children.  Also being responsible for that animal is a great experience.
  • Personal skills – Horse Riding means that you have to develop a partnership with your horse, so you have to work together, you have to trust the aminal and also listen to your instructor.
  • Responsibility – When a child goes horseriding they have to learn how to care for the animal and they develop a bond.


Do your children go horse riding? If so, how old were they when they started and how often do they have lessons?  Did you notice benefits from them learning to ride? Do you find it an expensive sport/hobby?  Or do you have your own Horse and have it insured by PetPlan Equine?