New Year, Start Fresh: How to Freshen Up Your Home for 2014

It’s a brand new year, a time for resolutions and new beginnings. Why not start the year by giving your home a fresh new face? You will be amazed at how different your home will feel if you apply just a few freshening touches.

Fresh Air

You can start by drawing back the curtains, opening your windows wide and letting in some brand new year fresh air. Giving your home a good clean will also do wonders to create a fresh new feel.

The Furniture

Why not welcome in 2014 by rearranging your space? Just because your lounge has always been situated against the back wall of your lounge room is no reason to leave it there. Rearranging your furniture will definitely give your home a whole new lease of life. Be experimental. Change things around and see whether you like the new arrangement. If not, create another formation. You might also like to buy a new piece of furniture. Placing a new couch or even a colourful chair into a room will give it a new look. Check out and be prepared to be inspired!

Flower Power

Adding flowers to any room will create instant freshness. Whether you cut the flowers from your own garden or pick them up at the local flower markets, having freshly cut flowers in your home will add beauty and cheer to your space. There really is nothing quite like fresh flowers. Try planting some quick growing flowers, like pansies, so you can have flowers ready to pick in your own backyard.

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A Lick of Paint

Adding a touch of fresh paint will freshen up your home like nothing else. You might choose a whole new colour or just freshen up what is already there. Either way some fresh paint will make the world of difference. A coat of paint will make your rooms look brand new again. It will be worth the effort.

Fresh Accessories

One of the quickest, easiest and most economical ways of creating a fresh new look in your home is by adding some new accessories. Bright new cushions on your lounge will make it look like you have invested in a brand new couch. Buy some brightly coloured frames, a few colourful ornaments or prints and very soon you will have a whole new look in your home.

The Entrance Way

First impressions count, so pay some attention to freshening up the entrance to your home to give visitors for 2014 a fresh new face to enjoy. Again, this can be inexpensive and relatively simple. Add a bright pot to your front stairs or foyer. Purchase a brand new welcoming mat in bright colours. Try giving the front door a face lift, perhaps you can give it a fresh coat of paint or maybe add a quirky door knocker.

With a little work you can create a fresh new look for your home and start 2014 in style.