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New Years Resolutions and Intentions for Families

This week we have been concentrating on our thoughts, dreams, feelings and goals by planning our resolutions and intentions for the New Year.   This is a great activity for all the family.

2015 Resolutions

New Year Resolutions for Kids

We work on resolutions being an ongoing process for the whole year and they are not something we can fail at within three day!  So we sat and discussed the things that we would like to improve in 2015, but also the things that we do well and want to continue.

To start with I printed out 2015 in a hollow font so we could each pick a number to fill in.  There are four of us, so this worked out perfectly.

2015 words of intention

We picked up our fab colouring pens from Faber Castell and made them as colourful and appeal as we could.  If we are going to set our intentions for 2015 we wanted to make them as visually appealing as possible.

Maxi words of intention

I love some of the things that the boys chose.  Maxi’s included be unique, be calmer, be gracious, help my brother and have fun.

My 2015 words

I want to be more mindful, smile more, get up earlier, be genuine, keep learning and simplify life.

Minis 2015 words

Mini’s intentions are great including sing quieter, rush less, be brave, write more and be more dog!

Be grouchy with style

Oh and the Husbeast, well “be grouchy with style” says it all.

Writing new years resolutions

It was a really fun, if not a little challenging exercise for all of us.  We helped each other and one thing that I noticed was that the boys were really positive and encouraging with each other.  They seem to champion each other a lot, which makes me a rather proud mum.

2015 words

Looking for more New Years Activities, we have also made New Year Wish Crackers and a New Year countdown clock, plus we have loads more on our Pinterest board.

Follow Jen Walshaw’s board New year and Chinese New Year on Pinterest.

new years resolutions and intentions for families

Oh and I can safely say that the Faber Castell fibre tip pens are ace.  We have Faber-Castell Connector Pen Bucket (Pack of 50) and they are brilliant, such a range of colours.

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