New years wish crackers 5

My boys adore crackers and our homemade crackers were such a hit, we decided to make a variation for new Year, so here you have our New Year wish crackers.

Instead of jokes, these crackers each contain a wish we would like to come true in the coming year.

We also filled them with festive confetti and of course a paper hat, We customised our hats with 2015.

New years wish crackers

Make your own New Year’s Wish Crackers

cracker materials


  1. wrapping paper (one sheet will make four 12 inch long crackers)
  2. Double Sided Tape
  3. Cracker Snaps
  4. Loom Bands
    (not essential)
  5. Ribbon or Ric Rac
  6. Toilet rolls or cardboard tubes
  7. Confetti and a paper crown
  8. Each person’s New Year’s wish
2015 wishes

We discussed what wishes were and what we would like to come true in 2015 and wrote them down.

new year crackers

Cut your paper to size, ours was 12 inches by 6 inches (which is the perfect size for a toilet roll center and to make shaping easier we cut out diamonds or rhomboids out of the paper.  You can get a copy of your free template on my previous cracker post just print it out to size and you are all set.

2015 paper hat

Place a strip of double-sided tape on each side of the paper and wrap it around the toilet roll or cardboard tube.

Crackers for new year

Place a cracker snap, confetti, paper hat and your New Year’s wishes into the cardboard tube before we push the cracker ends in and secure with an elastic band (we used loombands).

We then covered the loom bands with some fab gold and white baker twine. Perhaps you would prefer to go out with your kids on New Year.

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