No buggy’s as baggage in terminal 1, Heathrow 2

As many pople are awre i went to a roundtable at Heathrow Airport over the summer and was very concerned when i heard the news about buggys being banned in terminal 2, so asked the team at Heathrow to provide me with a statement.

Here is their response

“We don’t believe that many parents will have sympathy with Menzies on this issue.   At Heathrow we are investing £1 billion a year  including a brand new Terminal 2 which will eventually replace the facilities at Terminal 1.  In the meantime, we will be working with Menzies to ensure they offer the same service to parents as all other ground handlers at Heathrow”

The team at Heathrow have also promised to provide me with an update next week on their discussions and the actions they have taken since the round table.

2 thoughts on “No buggy’s as baggage in terminal 1, Heathrow

  • MIdlife Singlemum

    We are of an age when it doesn’t matter now but over the past couple of years, as a single parent, I could not have managed without the buggy (I assume you mean the chilrens’ pushchairs and not people movers). I would have had to change to another airport or airline, changing my traqvel plans if necessary. You cannpt carry an 11 month old baby (the solid type) and your hand luggage and deal with security, passport control, fedding the baby, etc…. on your own without the buggy, it just cannot be done!

  • Becky from babybudgeting

    Have never flown with the kids but gosh that sounds a nightmare if you hbve a toddler passposts bags etc!

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