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No Need for the Sunday papers

Is it Sunday already?  I sometimes wonder where the week goes and I am sure we could all do with a few extra hours in each day to spend some time on ourselves.  It is half term week this coming week for us, so we have plans to not really have plans and to spend some time cuddling and just relaxing as a family, but we do need to fit in a trip to the hairdressers and also the show shop.  What are you plans for this coming week?

So grab a coffee, tea or whatever is your poison and let me introduce you to some great  mummy blogger posts I have read from this past week.

With the half term in mind I loved Ellen from In a Bun Dance’s post about letting our children walk on the wild side.  I am a great believer in getting children out and enjoying the fresh air.

Ghostwritermummy tackles the competitive mums that always seem to be at events and children after school activities these days.

Dawn from Knees up mother brown asks us all to give blood in her post, which is a plea close to my heart (as I have regular transfusions).  She gave birth to her little boy Oscar this week, six weeks early and a blood transfusion saved her life.  So please, if you can give blood.

Savymumof 4 is feeling invisible this week, at the school gate, at home and in the virtual world of the Internet.  I have to say that this post really resonated with me, as there are times when no one in my life is listening, when I really need them to.

Nickie at Typcast bemoans the lack of words in blog posts these days, I actually agree with her and have raised this on the Blogger.Ed forum in the past.  I do not want to see 100 pictures 3 times a week, I want to read interesting, inspiring and thought provoking posts, or alternatively I love reading about family life, it gives me a good old dose of virtual curtain twitching!

So have you seen any really great posts this week, please do leave a comment and let me know and I leave you with some flowers to brighten up this gray day.


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