No need for the Sunday papers 4

Sunday has come around again.  This week everyday has felt like a Sunday due to the fact that it has been half term in The Mad House.  We have enjoyed the  ability to just relax and go and visit far away friends.  I do hope you have had a great half term to.  Boohoo to Mondays.

The Alexander Residence posted about people criticising her parenting this week.  This is one of my bug bears, please don’t judge until you have walked in someones shoes.

A moving post from Being a Mummy, about taking the road less traveled and a journey that no mum would  be on by choice.  My heart goes out to to this beautiful family and I know that they will travel this path with dignity and courage.

Northern Mummy is depressed, but in her own way.  Why?  Well the children have not been blog fodder this half term.

Flea is sick. Having a poorly child isn’t easy for anyone, but much less fun for a single parent.  But Sally still manages tp smile about life and blog with humour.

I hope everyone has a great day and if you have seen a super post this week, then please do leave me the link in the comments.